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Technical Data
·Type: centrifugal
·Application: irrigation and drainage
·Media: clean water or liquid with similar physical and chemical properties to water, temperature no more than 50℃.
·Other characteristics: horizontal
·Flow rate: Min.: 70 m³/h  Max.: 9000 m³/h
·Head: Min.: 4 m  Max.: 22 m

General Information
HW Series pump is horizontal, single stage, single suction volute mixed-flow pumps. It is widely used for agricultural irrigation, industrial or municipal water pump and drainage. The HW pump is composed of pump cover, impeller, pump casing, shaft, shaft sleeve and bearing housing (if bore diameter of the pump ≤350mm) or bearing bracket (if bore diameter ≥ 400mm), ect.

·Simple construction;
·Reliable operation;
·Easy maintenance and repair;
·High efficiency;
·Small space and light weight.