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  • Product: MSP Vertical Slurry Pump

Technical Data
• Type: centrifugal
• Application: macerator
• Media: for slurry
• Other characteristics: vertical
• Flow rate: Min.: 4 m³/h  Max.: 1267 m³/h
• Head: Min.: 4.5 m  Max.: 40 m
General Information
MSP(R) heavy duty sump pumps are vertical, shaft driven centrifugal slurry pumps designed for transferring abrasive and high density slurries from sumps, pits and tanks in a wide range of mining, processing and heavy industrial applications..
• Flow passage components – This type of pump uses wear resistant metal, impeller chooses wear resistant metal or rubber;
• Bearing components – Use grease lubrication. According to slag slurry pool liquid height, can choose different lengths of pump shaft or suction pipe;
• Sealing – Doesn't need any shaft seal or shaft seal water. In suction volume insufficient condition also can work normally below.

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