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Technical Data
·Type: centrifugal
·Media: water, hot water
·Outlet Diameter:25-500mm
·Flow rate: Min.: 1.1 m³/h  Max.: 720 m³/h
·Head: Min.: 8 m  Max.: 150 m
·Speed: 1450rpm&2900rpm
·Motor power:0.37-160kw

General Information
ISG is vertical single stage centrifugal electric water pump. It is generally applied to transport pure water or the liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to pure water, and the maximum allowed medium temperature is 80°C, especially suitable for boosting water.

·Smooth and reliable operation;
·No leakage of water;
·Low noise and low fault rate;
·Easy maintenance;
·Less land occupation.
· Multi-material to be chosen.

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