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  • Product: ZW Self Priming Pump

Technical Data
• Type: centrifugal
• Application: dredging, irrigation
• Media: for sewage, water
• Other characteristics: horizontal
• Flow rate: Min.: 0 m³/h  Max.: 800m3/h
• Head: Min.: 0 m  Max.: 80m
General Information
ZW series self-priming pump is an energy saving pump. There no foot valve is needed to be mounted on the pipeline and only a certain amount of leading liquid is required to be filled into the pump before work, improves the work condition while simplifying the pipeline system.
Suitable for city environmental protection , construction , fire fighting, chemical industry, pharmacy, dyes, dyeing, brewing, electric power, electric plating, paper-making, industrial and mineral rinse, equipment cooling and so on.
• High efficiency Single-stage
• Easy operation and maintenance
• Stable movement
• Durable, low noise, long life bearing
• Strong self-suction capacity
• Premium quality mechanical seal
• Electric or diesel driven

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