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  • Product: IHF Chemical Pump

Technical Data
• Type: centrifugal
• Media: corrosion liquid
• Outlet Diameter:40-250mm
• Flow rate: 3-460m³/h
• Head: 7.5-133 m
• Speed: 1450rpm &2900rpm
• Motor power:5.5-220kw
General Information
IHF chemical pump is a single-stage,single suction anti-corrosive centrifugal pump (axial suction )  to transport the corrosive liquid which doesn't contain solids and is similar with water, widely used at petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, foodstuff and waste water treatment.
• Pump Body: Metal shell with FEP(F46) lining;
• Impeller and pump cover are punched by metal with Fluoroplastic lining;
• Light weight and high efficiency;
• Advanced structure insures anticorrosion, strict seal, low noise and long life.

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