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  • Product: QZ Submersible Axial Flow Pump

Technical Data
• Type: centrifugal
• Application: agriculture irrigation, civil supply and drainage
• Media: clean water, river water, or slight contaminate waste water, PH5-9, temperature no more than 40 ℃
• Other characteristics: submersible
• Flow rate: Min.: 400 m³/h  Max.: 9000 m³/h
• Head: Min.: 1.5 m  Max.: 22 m
General Information
QZ submersible axial flow pump is a modern product to substitute for traditional pump-motor set. The QZ pump has large capacity and low head which is widely used in agriculture irrigation, drainage, water circulation in industry power station and dock water level control.
• 30%-40% construction expense saved on investment of pumping station engineering;
• More than 20% decreased on construction period;
• More than 95% decreased on commissioning period;
• Lower construction on the ground, save of pump housing and investment of equipments of flood control;
• Good condition of motor cooling;
• Lower noise, simply control, convenient maintenance and easy automatic operation.

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