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  • Product: ZD Self Balance Multistage Water Pump

 Type:
Centrifugal, self-balancing
 Application:
Urban water system; chemical industry; mining water supply
 Media:
For clean water, hot water, oils, corrosive liquid, abrasive medium
 Other characteristics:
Horizontal; Multistage
 Flow rate:
Min.: 7.5 m³/h
Max.: 864 m³/h
 Head:
Min.: 46 m
Max.: 2070 m

General information

Milestone type ZD pump is horizontal single suction multistage pump, it can deliver the medium with solids particles(the diameter of the solid particles should be less than quarter of the impeller channel), besides, it can be changed the pump materials(or flow channel materials), seal type, add cooling system then can deliver the hot water, oils etc.

• New structure, new technology
• Energy saving, efficient, high reliability
• Operating safety & steady, low noise, long life
• Convenient installation & reparation
• Excellent NPSH
• High reliable mechanical seal

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